Holiday Gift Idea

I’ve been looking for a gift to give to my co-workers. You know the kind, a really nice gift with a really nice price. I found this item on, one of my favorite shopping sites.

Organic Handmade Soap with Bamboo Soap Dish

3 Pack 1oz Gift Set – Spiced Oatmeal & Clove, Morning Calm Citrus Lavender, Refreshing Mint – Fall Winter Holiday Christmas Blend
by Glitzby

For only $12.95 and what a great gift idea! Better than running to WalMart and looking through all their stuff. This holiday gift idea is inexpensive and high quality, I should know because my husband bought it for me to try out. I can’t decide which of the three organic soaps I like the best.


Keep an eye on the Glitzby website as they are adding more items in time for the holiday shopping rush.




I looked up the meaning of the word quilting on WikiPedia and found the following:

Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material, usually to create a quilt or quilted garments. The whole process of creating a quilt or quilted garments also involves other steps such as designing, piecing, applique, and the binding. A person who works at quilting is termed a quilter. Quilting can be done by hand, by sewing machine, or by a specialized long arm quilting system.”[1]

Now quilting to some people is frivolous and a waste of time. But these are the same people who will say the same things about other hobbies and well. Quilting has been around the American scene since the colonial times. Back then specifically during the 19th century, quilting was actually done using whole pieces of cloth instead of the familiar patches of fabric.

Quilting is used a lot in the decoration of other handmade items. Not all quilting is used to create bed covers or wall hangings. You will find quilting used as a decoration on the top of a Christmas stocking. Some purses, made of cloth or leather, will have quilting on them for accent purposes. Sometimes quilting is used to strengthen fabrics that are not seen such as long underwear worn in extremely cold climates.

It is easy to learn quilting if you set your mind to it. One of the best ways to learn quilting is through the use of an instructional DVD found on the Internet, places like are excellent resources. Books and magazines are great as a secondary source of help. But the use of video instructional materials gives you a better way to understand the instructors lessons. The best way to use quilting DVD’s to learn quilting techniques used to set up a table near the television you will be using. That way you can pause, or backup the video so you can review the steps in the instructional video.

Quilting equipment, as with any hobby or other areas where products are handmade, is what makes the difference in the “hard to learn” and “easy to learn” aspects of quilting. Of course you will need a good sewing machine. Not necessarily a new sewing machine but you need one capable of the different stitches necessarily in quilting. Quality scissors are an absolute must have item, or items. Scissors used for quilting should never be used to cut paper! Paper will dull the cutting edge of good scissors, no matter how much you paid for them. You will also need something called a “rotary cutter” along with a board or heavy cardboard to lay under the fabric you will be cutting with the rotary cutter. You will need a little device known as a “seam ripper” to pull out seams you may have made mistakes with.

A great many prefer to just buy the items they are looking for instead of taking up quilting. There are a great many quilting resources on the Internet. One of the best I’ve found, for purchasing children’s quilting items is on a web site named Although this isn’t a huge site the items for sale are unique and attractively priced. I found some pretty good quilting deals over at the ISew
web site.